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Multiple Champion + Fighter/Defensive Itemization Updates aimed at 5.16

5.16 將會注重在 多數英雄 + 鬥士/坦克道具 的更新!

As noted yesterday,  Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, and Skarner have all been added to Riot's champion update schedule and are slated for gameplay work in the near future.

When asked when we can expect to see the Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, and Skarner updates released,Meddler noted they plan to release the four + itemization changes in a single patch:
"Our aim is to release the Garen, Darius, Skarner and Morde reworks in the same patch, along with some changes to fighter and defensive itemization. As usual that's not 100% guaranteed, it's certainly what we're trying for though."
當被問到在什麼時候可以見到這些英雄的新模樣的時候,Meddler 表示他們會把這4支英雄跟道具的更新一起放出來:

He continued, noting these things are being aimed at 5.16:
"Odds are pretty high this stuff will be in 5.16."

As for what "fighter and defensive itemization" means, he elaborated:
"A new item or two, plus some small (mainly) adjustments to defensive items (in general Armor items are getting slight nerfs, MR items slight buffs)."
"一個或兩個新道具吧,還會對防禦的道具作出微幅的調整 (物防道具小NERF、魔防道具小BUFF)"

He continued:
Is this going to be more defensive item related? Or is there going to be a mix of off/def bruiser items? Last question, why are you guys changing the game so much mid-season, it seems odd as all of the "big" changes have mostly came before preseason.
Light overhaul of stats/costs on many defensive items, plus a new item or two targeted particularly at fighters. Stat/cost changes will likely be lighter than the AP changes in 5.13, not looking to make that level of change at this point.

We've been making some bigger changes this year than last both because we feel last year we were and a bit too conservative during the year and because this allows us to better address some stuff we've wanted to work on for a long time. Trying to cram everything major into a Preseason once a year limits how much we can get done and doesn't give us a chance to test and learn as we go. Doing the AP itemization adjustments mid season for example's given us some useful learnings for the next sets of items we're looking at."
所以是有更多的防禦道具要出了嗎? 還是混合屬性的鬥士道具? 最後一個問題,為什麼會選擇在"季中"做出如此大的改動,都已經快到2016季前了的說。"
"會對防禦道具進行"數值/價格"上的調整,然後會新增1~2個鬥士的道具,"數值/價格"調整意思差不多就是5.13 AP裝大改的那種感覺,但是這次沒有要搞得那麼"大"


As for if they'll do a pass at ADC itemization in the future, Meddler commented:
"ADC itemization's one of the next sets we've been talking about tackling if this set also goes well (AP items being the first, which has worked out well so far). That would be a post Worlds at the earliest thing though."
"如果這次更新順利的話AD道具就會是我們的下一個計劃 (AP道具大改很成功所以才有鬥士/坦克道具大改),不過最快也要等世界賽結束了"

On reddit Meddler added that while 5.16 is gearing up to be large,  5.17 and 5.18 will likely be more focused on balance refinements as they will likely be the patch the 2015 World Championship will be played on:
"5.16's going to be a pretty big patch with multiple reworks and some item changes. After that though we'll be shifting focus to balance refinements, with the aim of a stable patch for worlds (so no major disruption expected in 5.17 or 5.18, given Worlds will probably be played on one of those two patches)."
在 Reddit論壇 上 Meddler 補充說 5.16 是一個巨幅改動的版本,5.17跟5.18會專注在這些改動的觀察與平衡上,而這兩個版本最有可能是 "S5世界大賽" 的比賽版本:

As for an estimation of how many patches we'll see total in the 2015 season, Meddler commented:
"At a guess 5.24, or thereabouts, will be the last patch of the year. To give some more context though as said above Worlds will probably be played on 5.17 or 5.18 and the Preseason 2016 changes will probably come out a bit before 5.24."
關於2015賽季到底會有多少版本,Meddler 說了:

When asked if his updates will make Garen less of a "new player friendly" champion, Scruffy noted:
"Garen should remain a good option for beginners after his changes (possibly better in some ways). I wouldn't worry too much about his level of difficulty skyrocketing in his update."
當被問到蓋倫的更新會不會讓"新玩家"感到極度的不友善呢?Scruffy 表示:
"蓋倫就算在更新後依然會是適合初階玩家適用的英雄 (某些部分甚至比現在的難度要低更多),不用太擔心這次更新後會導致他的使用難度突飛猛進。"

Poacher's Knife  & Preseason

盜獵者小刀 & 2016季前版本
When asked if Poacher's Knife will be receiving any changes in the near future, Meddler noted that it is more likely something to work on in preseason:
So we are getting 2 big patches soon, and let me guess, still no changes to poacher knife? I mean this item is really bad, and almost everyone keep whining about it, so changing it just before worlds would be great and bad at the same time. Good for bigger itemization, but pro players would have to learn when to buy it.
Poacher's Knife we're more likely to tackle in Preseason. While we do think it's appropriate to make a number of changes in the run up to Worlds making counter jungling into a significant strategy's the sort of overarching change (rather than just an adjustment to individual champions, items etc) we generally think's better off between seasons.
Far from guaranteed we'll buff Poachers though, there's a pretty good argument that we'd be better off not tying counter jungling to a specific item so focused on just counter jungling.
當被問到 "盜獵者小刀(白刀)" 是否會在近期有改動,Meddler 表示在季前版本調整較為適合:
所以我們接下來會有2個很大變動的版本,但是讓我猜猜....這個白刀還是不會動對吧? 我的意思是,這裝備現在真的很垃圾,根本沒有人想出它,在世界賽前改動它或許可以讓大家有更廣泛的道具選擇,但是高端玩家必須去學習如何使用它。"
"盜獵者小刀我們比較有可能在季前版本來改動它,我們有思考過在在世界賽前對打野生態進行如此大的改變是不是一件好事 (牽扯到太多英雄跟道具了),我們最後還是決定在季前版本會比較適合。

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