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DC2001-08-29 00:20


(GNN 記者 報導)

由SEGA公司所發行的動作遊戲『SONIC ADVENTURE 2』〈中譯:音速小子大冒險2〉,遊戲中所有的優美音樂,將集合成兩張CD販售!

這兩張CD收錄了遊戲中所有BGM音樂,CD名稱為「multi-dimensional SONIC ADVENTURE 2 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK」,為何分為兩張CD呢?有玩過遊戲的玩家一定知道,遊戲中玩家可扮演兩派角色,分別是「HERO」以及「DARK」,而這兩張CD便是這樣作為分別。兩張CD共有60首歌,十分划算!預定9月5日發售,售價為3150日圓。


〈Disk A--Hero Side〉

01. SA2 ...Main Riff for "Sonic Adventure 2"
02. Event: Let's Make It!
03. Escape From The City ...for City Escape
04. The Mad Convoy Race ...for City Escape
05. That's The Way I Like It ...for Metal Harbor
06. Can't Stop, So What!? ...for Metal Harbor
07. Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest
08. Keys The Ruin ...for Pyramid Cave
09. Unstable World ...for Crazy Gadget
10. Highway In The Sky ...for Final Rush
11. Boss: -GUN- Mobile
12. Advertise: SA2 the groove
13. Event: Strategy
14. This Way Out ...for Prison Lane
15. Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street
16. Chasing Drive ...for Kart
17. Down In The Base ...for Hidden Base
18. On The Edge ...for Eternal Engine
19. Advertise: SA2 ver.B
20. Kick The Rock! ...for Wild Canyon
21. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill
22. Dive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine
23. Deeper ...for Death Chamber
24. Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd
25. Boss: Masters of the Desert
26. Event: Reunion
27. Advertise: Prof.Omochao
28. Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix]
29. Chao Garden Extended Mix [Chao's Wack-Wack Up&Down the Ground Mix]

〈Disk B--Dark Side〉

01. Vengence Is Mine ...for Radical Highway
02. Rhythm And Balance ...for White Jungle
03. Mr.Unsmiley ...for Sky Rail
04. The Supernatural ...for Final Chase
05. For True Story ...for Sonic vs. Shadow
06. Event: Conquest
07. Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up Again!!!
08. Still Invincible ...No Fear!
09. Advertise: Rhythmic Passage
10. Boss: Suitable Opponent
11. Remember Me? - M.F.M. ...for Iron Gate
12. Way To The Base ...for Sand Ocean
13. Trespasser ...for Lost Colony
14. Crush'em All ...for Weapons Bed
15. Soarin' Over The Space ...for Cosmic Wall
16. Event: 3 Black Noises [Revival... Chaos Control... Reflection]
19. Advertise: SA2 ver.C
18. Event: Sonic vs. Shadow
19. Bright Sound ...for Dry Lagoon
20. Lovely Gate 3 ...for Egg Quarters
21. I'm A Spy... ...for Security Hall
22. 34°N, 12°E ...for Mad Space
23. Event: The Base
24. Boss: Shut Up Faker!
25. Scramble For The Core ...for Cannon's Core ver.1
26. Cooperation ...for Cannon's Core ver.2
27. Deep Inside Of... ...for Cannon's Core ver.3
28. Supporting Me ...for Boss "Biolizard"
29. Event: Madness
30. Event: The Last Scene
31. Live & Learn ...Main Theme of "SONIC ADVENTURE 2"


音速小子大冒險 2

50 人已追蹤,快追蹤取得最新情報!



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