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《暗黑破壞神 3》Beta 測試可望在九月底前展開

(戴寶樂先生 報導)

  如果非要在《暗黑破壞神 3》的測試日期加上一個期限,Bashiok 表示將會是在九月底前。

  根據《暗黑破壞神 3》的社群經理 Bashiok 最新的說法,關於《暗黑破壞神 3》的測試日期已不再是今年第三季,而是將日期拉到更準確的「九月底之前」。

  Bashiok 指出,目前《暗黑破壞神 3》的營運團隊正如火如荼地準備迎接這次的 Beta 測試,其中不只是遊戲本身,同時也包括了支撐遊戲運行的網路平台與系統。以下為 Bashiok 在官方論壇所發表的回應原文:

Bashiok:We’re still looking good for third quarter, which is before the end of September.

  We're preparing ourselves for an extremely limited, and extremely rough beta. The number of people let in will simply be dependent on concurrency of active players (we want to keep it full), and rough because we expect many issues as we're trying out a lot of new hardware and systems all at the same time. We'll get it ironed out before release of course, but while most of our other game tests have been of seemingly releasable products, we're preparing for this one to be a true beta.



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